Professional International Exposure

1. Delivered a Speech on ‘Democracy and Democratic Governance New Directions: India and Republic of Korea’ in the MBN Forum 2013 hosted by MK Media Group in Seoul, Great Republic of Korea (February, 2013).

2. Invited to address Public Services Summit 2008 as part of Nobel Celebrations held at Stockholm (December 10, 2008).

3. Inaugurated the International Conference on “India’s Dalits”, University of Pennsylvania (December 2008).

4. Participated in the Ninth Annual Conference on Indian Economic Policy Reform in the session on Inclusive Growth and Schooling at Stanford University (2008)

5. As the Vice Chancellor of the University of Pune, visited Japan, China, Korea, UAE, Germany, France, Austria and South Africa to negotiate MoUs for academic collaborations.

6. Deputed as Chief Economic Counsellor to the Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank,Kabul

7. Visited Chengdu (China) for Education Forum for Asia Annual Conference, 2012 Chengdu, China and delivered Opening Plenary Speech at the India China Management Education Conference 2012 (September 21-23, 2012)

8. Visited London for “Going Global 2012: The International Education Conference’ organised by British Council, London (March 11-14, 2012)

9. Visited USA for ‘US-India Higher Education Summit’ in Washington DC and ‘Indo-US Conference on Higher Education, (at Penn State University) (October 8-13, 2011)

10. Visited London for London Business School’s India Business Forum 2011, London (May 18-19, 2011)

11. Visited Colombo (Sri Lanka) for UNESCO-MSS Forum of Ministers on ‘Social Protection Policies in South Asia’, Colombo, (February 20-22, 2011)

12. Visited Bangkok (Thailand) for UNESCO Seminar on ‘Education, Finance and Decentralisation’, Bangkok, Thailand (November 2, 2010)

13. Visited Brussels (Netherlands) and Madrid (Spain) for the Second Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) – European Union Institute of Security Studies (EUISS) Forum in Brussels and ICWA-CASA Tribune in Madrid (October 10-17, 2010)

14. Participated in World Bank Spring and Annual Meetings and the G-24 Meetings as a part of the Indian delegation (September 2005, April 2005, September 2004, April 2004, September 2003, April 2003 and September 2002)

15. Delivered a lecture on "Liberalizing India's Financial Sector: Constraints, Challenges and Prospects", Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore at the Conference on "Monetary Policy and the Value of the Dollar, jointly organised by Monetary Authority of Singapore and National University of Singapore (August2005)

16. Participated in the Conference on "Asia-Middle East Dialogue: Common Interests
and Common Challenges", Singapore (June 2005)

17. Participated in the Conference of Central Banking Studies, Bank of England on Exchange Rate Regime and Capital Flows‛ (April 2005)

18. Participated in Chief Economists' Workshop at the Bank of England, London, on "Perfect Partners or Uncomfortable Bedfellows: On the Nature of the Relationship Between Monetary Policy and Financial Stability" (February 23-25, 2004)

19. Participated in International Conference on "Migrant Remittances – Development Impact, Opportunities for the Financial Sector and Future Prospects" at London, October 9-10, 2003 organised jointly by the DFID, UK and the World Bank.

20. Study Visit to Public Debt Management Offices in Australia and New Zealand as part of the Indian Delegation under the ADB Technical Assistance (May 29-June 4, 2003)

21. Participated in Conference on Future of Domestic Capital Markets in developing Countries, organised by the World Bank, Washington (April 14-16, 2003)

22. Participated in BIS Spring Central Bank Economists' Meeting at Basel, Switzerland (March 31-April 1, 2003)

23. Participated in Conference on the Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism organised by the IMF, Washington (January 21-22, 2003)

24. Participated in Conference on "Macroeconomic and Financial Policy Implications of the Growing Economic Integration Among Asian Emerging Economies", organised by the OECD (Paris, January 14, 2003)

25. Coordinated the G-20 Meeting of Finance Ministers on behalf of the Reserve Bank of India, which was hosted by India in New Delhi (October 2002)

26. Participated in BIS Conference on "Challenges to Central Bank Statistical Activities" at Basel, Switzerland (August 20-22, 2002)

27. Attended various international conferences on behalf of the Indian Constituency at the IMF in Washington DC and abroad (Canberra: Australia, Geneva: Switzerland,
Lima: Peru, London: UK, Prague: Czech Republic, Vienna: Austria) (1998-2001)

28. Visited Japan and Hong Kong as a part of a high-powered Capital Market Delegation led by Mr. D.R. Mehta, Chairman, SEBI (March 1997)

29. Participated in the Conference on Financial Integration in Asia and the Role of
Hong Kong organized jointly by the IMF and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority in Hong Kong (March 1997)

30. Participated in the Workshop on Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS)
organised by the IMF in Bangkok, Thailand (July 1996)

31. Visited the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Bank of England to study the Government Securities markets in the USA and UK (July 1992)

32. Represented India at the International Seminar on "Open Capital Account" organized by the World Bank in Washington DC (June 1992)

33. Deputed to the Middle East to study the Hawala Market (i.e., the parallel foreign exchange market). The Report on the Hawala Market, the first of its kind was, inter alia, a significant input in the set of policy decisions leading to the partial convertibility of the Indian Rupee (December 1991)

34. Designated as Adviser to the Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia (SEANZA) Governors' Symposium (December 1990)

35. Deputed to Malaysia and Singapore (December 1989) as a part of a two-member
Study Team to examine developments in their financial systems.

36. Deputed to Ethiopia (October-December 1988 and February 1989) as Special Adviser to the Governor, National Bank of Ethiopia. During this assignment, served as Member Secretary of Study Group on Potential Exchange Rate Adjustment in Ethiopia and was the Principal Author of the Report of the Study Group.

37. Deputed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (January-March, 1988) as the sole representative of the Reserve Bank of India and the Government of India in connection with India's Proposal to the Executive Board of the IMF on the subject of reforms in the IMF Quotas, being closely involved in the underlying technical work in the form of a series of internal research notes.

38. Deputed to USA (August 1981-1986) jointly by the Reserve Bank of India and the Government of India as a National Scholar. During this period, completed Ph.D. in Economics at the Indiana University, USA.

Toured the US extensively in 2005 on the occasion of the release of the book ‘Untouchable‛ and delivered 40 speeches in 12 days at places including the New School University, Yale University, Cornell University, University of Washington, University of California at Berkley and Santa Cruz and Stanford University where the audience included leading literary figures, social activists, university professors and students. Participated in autograph-signing sessions at major locations and bookstores and appeared on the National Public Radio (NPR) and various television channels.