Academician and Best Selling Author

Dr. Jadhav has written (or edited) as many as 22 books – 8 in Marathi and 14 in English (with a combined printed pages exceeding 8000!).

His latest contributions include :
(a) A Trilogy on Dr. Ambedkar’s Speeches (Edited)
    • 3 Volumes in English
    • 3 Volumes in Marathi

(b) A Trilogy on Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore
    • An analytical biography of Gurudev
    • An anthology of 151 poems translated into Marathi
   • An eclectic collection of Tagore’s writings (i.e., short stories, novels, plays, parodies, articles and speeches) translated into Marathi

Dr Jadhav shot to fame with his biographical novel written in both Marathi and English – a runaway best seller with combined sales exceeding 5,00,000 copies, which has also been translated into as many as 20 languages (French, Spanish, Korean, Thai ,as well as in most major Indian languages). The book has received several awards including the coveted Sahitya Academy Award for its Punjabi Version. The book is being translated into Japanese, Chinese, and several European languages).

In addition, Dr. Jadhav has authored 27 major official reports, around 125 research papers/articles besides serving on a number of committees. He has also delivered a series of Convocation Address (10), Memorial Lectures (10), Keynote Addresses (35) besides other speeches running into hundreds in national and international fora.