UNTOUCHABLES is the story of a Dalit (Untouchable) family’s escape from prejudice and destitution. It is a story of hope, of what mankind may achieve once it denies its ‘fate’ and takes its destiny in its own hands, a simple tale of three generations…………This is a truly inspiring book, a tribute, though, to one family’s quest for dignity and the recognition of their human worth, rather than to India’s own success in eradicating the evils of the caste system, for its inequalities and iniquities persist. There is much here both for the foreigner, ignorant of much that is hidden in India, and for Indians who are all too familiar with caste. This book is a sign that change is possible in India and that indeed it is, if slowly, underway. 

Nigel Collett in
The Asian Review of Books (U.S.)
(January 8, 2006)